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Candidate Services

The legal market is ever-evolving. The Manning Group’s recruiting counselors draw upon their many years of practicing law and recruiting to stay ahead of market trends and candidates’ individualized needs.

“Our one and only goal is to create the best fit for all involved … and our service-oriented approach supports that singular goal.”

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For Partners

Whether you are introduced to The Manning Group through outreach relating to a firm’s targeted search or you approach us requesting to be marketed to a variety of firms, we pay attention to the same level of detail in understanding your practice profile, business case and career aspirations.

We work very closely with our candidates to strategize appropriate outreach and then, very importantly, we prepare our candidates prior to every meeting they have with a firm to include providing firm/lawyer profiles/insights, likely questions and, if necessary, mock interviews. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring our candidates are supremely prepared and make the best presentation possible.

Once an offer is extended, our work has only really just begun. The Manning Group assists our candidates with employment terms, conflicts checks, giving notice, transition and beyond. Our recruiting counselors will be there with you to create the most seamless move possible.

For Groups

Group placements are essentially a mini-merger. Due to the heightened complexity of business issues presented, group placements must be treated with the appropriate attention to detail and an understanding of the unique nuances of all of the dynamics at play.

The Manning Group translates its wealth of legal experience representing numerous parties in highly complex business transactions into an ability to manage and advance the interests of many, sometimes diverse, parties (within the firm and the group) in group placement discussions/negotiations.

Though somewhat similar to the partner placement process, the group placement process involves a greater level of firm and candidate counseling. The Manning Group invests the time necessary to meet with every affected member of the firm and every member of the potential group to ensure the motivations and wants/desires of each individual are understood and taken into account. It is vital that the professional fit is not only right between the firm and the group but also within the group itself. The Manning Group’s emphasis on counseling (as opposed to mere advocacy) helps to ensure that everyone’s interests are appropriately aligned as negotiations progress … thus leading to a much greater potential for a successful placement. 

For Associates

A candidate’s next move should lead to a law firm where the candidate can find personal and professional fulfillment.

The Manning Group’s confidential, personal approach to associate recruiting allows us to provide expert consultation, guidance and counseling to ensure our candidates find the right fit for them now and throughout their careers.

We utilize our extensive network, proprietary database and other resources to gain market advantages and to know where the best new opportunities exist. We understand the culture and political dynamics of the best law firms so that we can confidently recommend opportunities where you can succeed and prosper based on your strengths … and not merely mark time. 

Are you ready to discover your potential?