The legal market is ever-evolving.  The Manning Group’s recruiting counselors draw upon their many years of practicing law and recruiting to stay ahead of market trends and law firms’ and candidates’ individualized needs.

To truly understand the needs and motivations of the best law firms and candidates and to be equipped to appropriately provide expert counseling, a recruiter must have preeminent market knowledge and, quite simply, understand how a law firm works.  Leveraging their impressive legal and recruiting backgrounds (including Chris Manning’s eight year tenure managing a law firm) as well as their extensive networks, The Manning Group’s recruiters are acutely aware of and deftly anticipate the needs of all angles of the recruiting process.

In short, we recruit like we practiced law – we are thoughtful, market-savvy counselors with an attention to detail and a code of ethics rarely seen in the recruiting industry.

  • What We Deliver

    • Expert counseling to assist law firms in defining their lateral needs and in effectively communicating their lateral opportunities to candidates.
    • Expert counseling to assist candidates in assessing their place in the market and in mapping their career aspirations.
    • Highly in-depth market understanding/research.
    • Absolute confidentiality.
    • Sharp attention to detail.
    • Immediate responsiveness.
    • A long-term relationship and not just a short term gain.
    • Absolute adherence to the most rigorous ethical standards.
  • How We Deliver

    • We gain law firms’ and candidates’ trust through results.
    • We consider ourselves your business partner…not a short-term vendor.
    • We understand that law firms’ and candidates’ needs are always evolving…and we evolve with them.
    • We refuse to compromise our integrity or core values.  Ever.